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Besakih Temple Bali


It is the easiest and most comfortable way to explore underwater world and is as simple as walking and breathing!!

Seawalker is provides the best holiday in Bali for you.

The underwater world will be unforgettable time.

Seawalker Package

Seawalker Family & Group Package

Want to enjoy many things in Bali!!

You must enjoy your holiday but holiday is not forever.

Please check here if you are looking for Seawalker and more and more...

We have many packages combine with Seawalker.

You can book many activity in one time, can save your valuable time!!

ECO Program

Turter release

Seawalker ECO Natural Environment project

We look forward to your cooperation and support for environmental protection in Bali Indonesia.

Today human impacts have seriously depleted sea turtle populations to the point where we are in danger of losing some species forever. You also take advantage of this opportunity, let's participate for support in the program of protecting Indonesian environment.


Ulang Tahun bawah laut bersama seawalker


Just let us know what kind of anniversary, as like Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Honeymoon, Propose, Graduation and Success something etc… We can arrange Birthday or Wedding cake, Flower bouquet and Message board for underwater. You can celebrate your special day with your partner, family or friends with during Seawalker. We can help you if you plan something surprise to someone.

What is Seawalker

Seawalker Brefing

Just Breath and Just Walk-in!!

Sewalker is anyone can join with just 5 points!!

  • Simple
  • Easy
  • Comfortable
  • Fantastic
  • Relief


Underwater picture

Safety First!!

You can check whole process Seawalker from beginning until ending, what kind of staff is waiting for you and any location where you will dive.