Bali Coral

About Us

Seawalker is the easiest way to explore and discover biodiversity of aquatic life.

Our diving site:
Just 10 min from Grand Mirage Beach by boat transfer.
Depths 03-05m and sand bottom with coral rock and many species tropical fishes.

glass water flow
seawalker original helmet

Easy, Simple and Comfort The best way to explore the underwater in Bali

Short Briefing

5 minutes briefing by qualified Seawalker instructor before going underwater

  • Simple Orientation (5 to 10 minutes) on board of pontoon
  • There is no equipment to operate, and no new skills to learn.
  • Wait after climbing down to the same level of their shoulder as undersea and being ready for Helmet putting on.



Seawalker Helmet Putting On

Assistance is rendered in gearing up underwater helmet.

  • You have a full view of their underwater guides face, which gives a better sense of security.
  • No water gets onto the face or head, so glasses and makeup can be kept on.
  • You are given a few words of encouragement by the staff and the Seawalker helmet is placed onto your.



Let's Go Underwater

A ladder from the boat will be use in going underwater with special assistance from the instructor(about 3-5m depth)

  • Climbing down slowly along with ladder over supporting by Instructor
  • Breathe normally underwater.
  • Marvelous undersea" Sea walking " for 20 to 25 minutes
  • Climbing up along with ladder and Take-off Helmet (Completion) with a full satisfaction

Included in Your Seawalker Tour is

  • Underwater Adventure
  • Return Transfer to your hotel (Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, and Seminyak only)**Minimum 2 persons**
  • Professional Seawalker Instructors and Operators
  • All necessary equipments
  • Safety orientation
  • Take your underwater photou2019s and movie (If you purchase will be chargeable)
  • Insurance
  • Locker, Shower and Changing room

Safety Information

  • The person drinking alcohol and in pregnant is not allowed to dive. And Those who have asthma, heart attack or hear or lung problems and other respiratory diseases as of chronic sinus conditions or ear surgery problems are not allowed to dive on informed medical problems
  • Seawalker is available for 07 till 70 years of age

Operation Hours

  • From 9:00am till 18:00pm hours and depending on weather conditions
  • Advance reservations recommended
  • For details please contact the Seawalker reservation and information desk at Grand Mirage Resort.
  • Seawalker Contact number :+6281 338016780

What to Bring

  • Swimsuit
  • Changing clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Beach Towel
  • Mineral Water
  • Cash money for buy CD/DVD and other option (We donu2019t accept any credit card)