A: *Products and Completed Operations Liability Insurance when accident has related of diving helmet:

  1. A contract of insurance company : Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd
  2. Policy Territory : Worldwide excluding Japan
  3. Limits f Liability :
    • US$2.000.000 [any one occurrence] :
    • US$2.000.000 [aggregate]
  4. About the injury of those other than the fault of equipment, and an accident, it is not this limitation.
  5. This is to certify that Product of Liability Insurance had not been laid any claim from any other parties for manufacture and sale of leisure sports product until now.

B:* Public Liability Insurance : (During operation of Bodily Injury)

1. Death  : IDR 500.000.000
2. Permanent Disablement Max  : IDR 500.000.000
3. Medical Expenses Max  : IDR 50.000.000