Conservation of the environment

What is Ecology?

Ecology is the study of the relationships between living organisms, including humans, and their physical environment. It seeks to understand the vital connections between marine life, animals and the world around them. The many specialties within ecology, such as marine, vegetation, and statistical ecology, provide us with information to better understand the world around us.

Marine Ecosystems and Marine Life

Marine ecosystems are among the largest of Earth's aquatic ecosystems. They include oceans, coral reefs, turtle, seahorse, fish, mangroves, salt marshes, intertidal zones, estuaries, lagoons, the deep sea, and the sea floor. Marine ecosystems are very important for the marine life and habitat. We must protect especially for coral reefs, turtle, seahorse and fish. Marine ecosystems usually have a large biodiversity and therefore we need to help. Marine life is a vast resource, providing food, medicine, and raw materials, in addition to helping to support recreation and tourism all over the world. All life on Earth is connected to the ocean and its inhabitants. The more you learn about the issues facing this marine life, the more youu2019ll want to help and inspire others. Many institutes and organizations are fighting to protect ocean habitats and marine wildlife. Many problems of marine life that we have in Indonesia and our hearts are moved to help. Therefore we made Ecology program is to assist and protect marine life because of our activities in the field of underwater.

Our Vision

We make this program to introduce to everyone so that they can aware and know how important we keep, care and preserve the marine ecosystem.

Our Mission

Our purpose to make this program is for helps to protect marine ecosystems from extinction.

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