Seawalker Bali ECO Program, Smile On Earth

Seahorse Release Program (seasonal) : US$ 20 / seahorse

Seahorses live in every ocean in the world. They are one of the cutest creatures. The seahorse has a head like horse and the tail like monkey. If you hold seahorse, the tail can be circular in your hand. Seahorses are very unique, not like other fish and not like unusual equine shape. Seahorse also can change color to match their habitat, helping them deceive of predators.

Our purpose to do seahorse release program is to build awareness people of the plight of seahorses will be extinction. We are believe if all people help release seahorse, the seahorse never extinction. We need someone for help and save seahorse. We want to people in the world know how is important seahorse in the ocean.

These seahorses are now ready for adoption and to be released out to the underworld.

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